JetRoller System

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Finish Jobs 4X Faster. The JetRoller System with the Contractor In-Line Valve combines rolling and spraying to minimise overspray and deliver a quality finish with the speed, flexibility, and comfort of airless spraying. The JetRoller will become The best timesaving tool in your painting arsenal.


Product Details



A better way to achieve a perfect rolled finish and ideal for rough and porous surfaces. Save time & money on spray/back roll jobs while eliminating messy roller trays or lugging heavy buckets with cumbersome paint screens and grids. Uses standard 230 mm (9 in.) roller covers (sold separately).

  • 2-in-1 Spray & Rolling System
    • Back rolling & spraying in one pass
    • Use as a spray extension or hand roller separately
  • Low Overspray Design
    • Reduce prep and clean-up time on every job
  • Lightweight, Detachable 230 mm (9 in.) Roller Assembly
  • 305 mm (12 in.) Roller Handle Extension
  • 50 cm (20 in.) Heavy-Duty Extension
  • Includes RAC X LTX 721 SwitchTip and Guard

Additional information

Maximum Working Pressure

3596 psi

Maximum Pole Length



JetRoller System Manual - ProQuip

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