Sales and Service of Domestic (Contractor) and Industrial Paint Sprayers and Spray Guns

We have experienced sales and service staff who can offer you the best advice on the most suitable paint pumps and accessories, such as spray guns, tips, filters, etc for your needs.

We service all makes of paint sprayers such as Graco, Wagner, Titan, Kremlin, Sagola, Binks, Airlessco, Wiwa, DST, and Q-Tech and all other popular brands of paint spraying equipment in Ireland. We stock an extensive range of spares for all of the above pumps for a quick turnaround of the repair. We stock a large range of paint sprayers be it electric airless, air-assisted airless, or petrol driven, Please give us a call for any of these sprayers always available in stock:

Graco 390, Graco STMax 395, STMax 595, Graco Mark V, Graco Xtreme X70, Kremlin, EOS, Sagola Mack 320, and many others. Various popular makes of airless spray guns, air-assisted airless spray guns, spray tips, paint hoses and many other accessories are also available in stock.

Additionally we also stock Sagola gravity cup guns, suction pot guns, Paint booth filters, air fed masks, 3M disposable mask, spray suits and many other products usually used for spraying various types of paint in a spray booth. Whether you are a painting contractor, furniture maker, car crash repair, shotblasting facility, structural steel sprayer, engineering manufacturer, we will have a paint sprayer and/or other accessories suitable for your needs. We also have keenest prices on spray guns, tips, filters and hoses.

We can also offer solutions for industrial adhesive spraying, lubricant transfer pumps, chemical transfer pumps, ink and dye pumps, diaphragm pumps, barrel pumps and pumps for mastic applications. We are well experienced with all the major brands of paint sprayers, especially Graco, Wagner, Kremlin and Sagola, so call us if you need any Graco spare parts or technical advice.

ProQuip Engineering Sales can also offer you a range of products such as Spray Booth Filters, Peel-able Booth Coatings, Air fed and disposable masks, Pneumatic Air Tools, Pneumatic fittings, Hydraulic components and systems, Compressors, and Pressure Washers. Also contact us for (Geka, Kingsland etc) punches and dies.

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